Terms and Condition

ardyanatypes.com is a website with online services that sell digital products in the form of fonts owned by Ardyana Putra. By using or logging into  ardyantypes.com web, you have read, understood, and agreed to be related to the terms and conditions of this service, including the font license, which is a binding agreement with us. And also, you have read and acknowledged the collection and use of your information as set out in our privacy policy. These provisions apply to all visitors, users, buyers, and all who access services on the ardyanatypes.com web. Suppose you create or open an account on behalf of another organization or entity. In that case, you have full responsibility to represent and warrant that you are the authorized representative of the organization or entity to bind such entity to these terms, and you agree to these terms on behalf of the organization and entity you use.

Use of Our Service.

ardyanatypes.com provides a platform for visitors to purchase fonts in the ardyanatypes.com library. Our Service allows visitors or buyers to buy a license according to their needs or a valid license agreement to use fonts from ardyanatypes.com. We offer different license options, and each visitor or buyer must read each detail of the font license that applies to fonts before you buy a license. Any use or access to the Service by anyone under the age of 15 is strictly prohibited and violates these Terms.

ardyanatypes.com grants permission to create an account to purchase font licenses and download font demos before purchasing font licenses. You can notify ardyanatypes.com via email at ardyanatypes@gmail.com or via contact on the website about violations or unauthorized use of any damage. ardyantypes.com is not responsible for any damage, expense, or loss caused by or in connection with the unauthorized use of the account.

ardyanatypes.com provides a demo version of the font that can be downloaded directly on every product or freebies page. Please note that every demo font provided is licensed for personal use only. The demo version of the font or the Free for Personal Use version is for trial purposes only; commercial use or any form that generates economic benefits from the demo font will be processed legally and assisted by our legal forces.

Payments and Downloaded Font Files.

The accepted payment method is via Paypal. A downloadable font file will be provided after purchase.

There are two ways to find the download link:

  • First, after a successful checkout, the order detail page will display the details of the font purchased along with the download link for the font and the invoice.
  • Second, you will get an email once the payment is complete. You will get an order confirmation email and an invoice sent along with a product download link.

Remember! Please also check your spam folder.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with payment methods, download links, or font files.

Proprietary Rights. 

All fonts created by ardyanatype.com are the intellectual property of Ardyanatypes. Therefore you may not open, edit, or modify fonts ("change to path" and editing in programs such as Illustrator and the like are permitted - as long as the output is not converted back into software fonts for redistribution.

Returns / Refund

Unfortunately, due to the immediate access to digital products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NONREFUNDABLE. If you do experience any difficulties with our fonts, we will look into the problem and will send you a fixed version as soon as possible.

Updated in September 2022