Ardyana Types

Hi, my name is Ardyana Putra. I come from a small island in Indonesia. A small island with lots of beauty and very close to culture and art. yes, the island is the island of BALI. I grew up learning a lot about art, one of which is the beautiful art of writing. My day job is as a graphic designer. Related to that, I've always wanted to create typography that I can use in every project. And finally, I decided to become a type designer and named it ArdyanaTypes.

Starting from graphic design, I know art and illustration; I was founded in 2016 with several projects that made me learn a lot, so I love the art of typography. Now I focus on creating unique and modern fonts with attention to aesthetics and legibility so as to allow my fonts to be used in any of your projects. I am committed to continuing to develop our creative ideas in the world of typography and fonts and to providing new experiences for our works for everyone to use.

I took Ardyanatypes from my real name and added types out of my love for typography and letters. And I hope this name will become wider with all my works. Ardyanatypes initially only focused on 1 type of style, which at that time still liked the script style. But I want to focus on the more significant classes, like Serif and Sans Serif.

My focus on these two styles started with a request by several clients to create a logo and body text for their project. They want me to succeed. And now I'm more comfortable with that style. If you want to see my work, you can check it out on my website and follow my Instagram @ardyanatypes; and if you want more details, you can follow me on Behance @ardyanatypes. Now I have several clients who have used my fonts. If you want to see it more clearly can be seen at